VKIT: Print only the cards you need

  • Select one or more cards on the left and press 'Add >' (or double click) to add it to the list on the right.
  • Select one or more cards on the right an press "< Remove" (or double click) to remove it from your list.
  • Use the "Filter by Name" text box to search for cards.
  • If you want a quality increase over Decipher's original card size, then use the Double or Huge size.
    • Original is ~50 KB per card / ~6 MB per page
    • Double is ~1 MB per card / ~25 MB per page
    • Huge is a whopping 5 MB per card / 100 MB per page
  • Choose which format you want, either 3x3 PDF or PNG with a customizable bleed edge.
  • Click "Generate" when you are ready.
  • The files may take a little while to generate

    When the file is ready, your download should start automatically

    Resolution Quality

    Output Format

    PDF Spacing (in pixels)

    PDF Generation In Progress
    For issues or requests, please contact ketura on the PC Discord.